What is the Minimum Car Insurance I Must Carry?


The state of Kentucky is similar to every other state in that they require drivers to carry auto insurance. Now, that doesn’t mean you can get by with the cheapest plan you can possibly find. State law requires drivers to obtain a plan that meets certain standards, which we will explain in this article. Failing to abide by the laws can result in the following:


  • License revocation
  • $500-$1,000 fine
  • 90 days in jail


Repeat offenders may face harsher punishment. Drivers are required to carry proof of insurance in the automobile they are driving. If you don’t have a Proof of Insurance card when you get pulled over but do have insurance, you will be able to appeal the ticket. However, if you do not have insurance, the penalties may be costly.


How to Avoid Legal Issues


No one wants to get stopped for a traffic violation or get into an accident. However, when the unwanted occurs, you need to be prepared. The way to avoid additional legal issues beyond a simple traffic ticket is to obtain the legally required amount of insurance, at the bare minimum, which is as follows:


  • Bodily injury for one person ($25,000)
  • Bodily injury total ($50,000)
  • Property damage ($10,000)


This is basic liability insurance. These requirements must be met or the state of Kentucky may impose harsh penalties. Although these are the state requirements for minimum coverage, that doesn’t mean you should sign-up for a car insurance plan that only covers the minimum. Quite frankly, that amount of coverage isn’t great. Depending on your situation, you may be better off purchasing a plan that covers more.


Affordable Comprehensive Plans Available


Meeting the minimum state requirements for car insurance may not be good enough to fully protect you and your family from financial loss. Purchasing a car insurance policy that is more comprehensive – including full coverage insurance – is a smart move. Yes, the cost of insurance goes up when you increase the coverage, but there are plenty of affordable comprehensive plans in Kentucky.


You can never have too much insurance. You just never know when an accident will occur, and you don’t know how costly the accident will be. If you are properly prepared – meaning you have enough insurance – you won’t have to worry about massive out-of-pocket expenses. Protect your finances and keep the state of Kentucky off your back.