Being a safe driver pays off. Not only will you avoid serious injury or damage to your vehicle. Your car insurance premiums will be lower. Insurance companies reward safe drivers with cheaper premiums and easier access to the best coverage in the state. Stay safe behind the wheel.


Your insurance premiums are based on numerous factors. These include the make and model of your car, where you live, your driving history, your gender (yep, they discriminate!), etc. The insurance company will take into consideration all of these factors, then crunch some numbers, and send you a rate based on the amount of risk they feel you are as a driver.


The more risky you are, the higher your rates will be. That’s why you need to be a safe driver. Don’t speed and avoid accidents. Drivers with a history of traffic tickets and at-fault accidents will have a hard time finding cheap auto insurance.


Being a Safe Driver in Winchester


Winchester is a wonderful small Kentucky town. Part of the great thing about living in Winchester is there are so many affordable car insurance plans out there. Since the traffic in Winchester isn’t comparable to places such as Los Angeles, New York City, or even Louisville, insurance premiums are typically lower.


However, there are some risks involved with driving in our great city. One of the major risks is driving out of town, on the highway. For example, let’s say you’re heading west to a Louisville or Kentucky football game on a college football Saturday. As you probably know, there is some pretty heavy traffic along I-64, especially on these days.


Heavy traffic tends to lead to more accidents, which is why cities with heavier traffic have higher auto insurance premiums. So be careful on the road if you are driving to Lexington or Louisville, whether it’s on game day or any other day of the year. Getting into an accident will increase your car insurance premiums significantly.


The same can be said if you’re just heading out to dinner in town. Accidents can happen at any time, anywhere, even here in Winchester. Drive safely. Don’t speed. Wear your seatbelt at all times. If you do those things, your odds of getting into an accident will be much lower than if you don’t obey traffic laws. And your auto insurance premiums will be far more affordable.