Save Money Without Sacrificing on Kentucky Car Insurance


There is a common misconception by consumers that the only way to get decent car insurance is by spending a fortune. The fact of the matter is this simply isn’t true. Sure, you can find cheap plans that are mediocre and expensive plans that are great. But you can also get what we like to call, “value plans”. These are car insurance plans that provide plenty of coverage at a price average consumers can afford.


One mistake consumers often make is to just sign-up for the cheapest plan they find, regardless of the type of coverage provided. What happens is, instead of looking for a value plan, they assume they can only afford the worst plan. If we told you that you could get a good car insurance plan at a similar rate as a mediocre plan, would you be excited? Here is how you can do that:


Look for Discounts


When bundling insurance policies together such as home and auto, insurance companies love to give discounts. Instead of purchasing auto and home insurance separate, sign-up for both at the same time to save money. This isn’t the only way to find lower rates. Insurance companies often give discounts for drivers that install a car alarm, improve their credit score, request a higher deductible, and take a defensive driving class.


Ditch the Comprehensive Insurance on Low-Value Automobiles


In most cases, comprehensive (full coverage) insurance is recommended. However, if your car has little monetary value, liability insurance is probably all you need. There isn’t much point to getting full coverage insurance for a car that wouldn’t sell for more than a couple thousand bucks. Liability insurance for an older vehicle is rarely expensive. You can save a ton of money and still get the coverage you need.


Look for a New Plan Annually


Many make the mistake of sticking with the same insurance plan from the same insurance company each year. A better move is to have your insurance agent search for the best possible plan for you each year. You may find that by switching to a new plan annually, you get better rates. Things change. The rates offered to you a year ago may be lower than they are now.


Do Some Comparison Shopping


Insurance is similar to many consumer products in that if you spend some time comparing rates from different companies, you will find that price doesn’t always equal quality. Don’t get too stuck on the first plan you find within your budget. Ask an insurance agent to shop around for you to find the absolute best car insurance plan within your budget.